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Agent and Main Distributor of SACH Central Vacuum Systems, Gerry Rowley, Knockloughlin, Co Longford.

The SACH central vacuum cleaning system is fitted in your own home. It consists of wall inlet valves, a piping network (PVC 50mm) and a central vacuum unit placed in an out-of-way location, normally garage, utility room etc. By simply connecting the lightweight flexible plastic hose to one of the wall inlet valves you will be ready to vacuum.


Conventional vacuuming absorbs dirt, however, a considerable part of dirt is expelled as dust in your home. With a central vacuum this does not happen since the dirt and the dust are taken along the piping to the central vacuum unit installed in an out-of-way location. This means less dust after vacuuming and cleaner air for breathing (thus contributing to the elimination of respiratory illnesses, asthma, allergies, etc.)


Simply plug the hose into the wall inlet and the central vacuum starts to operate automatically by means of an electrical signal. The lightweight and flexible plastic hose allows quicker and easier cleaning. There is no heavy portable vacuum cleaner to carry from room to room, nor do you have to carry it upstairs and down. There are no cables that get tangled.


Given that the central unit is installed in an out-of-way location, the noisy and irritating noise associated with conventional vacuum cleaners does not exist. As such, Central Vacuum can be used in the same room in which other people are sleeping, reading, speaking on the telephone, listening to music, etc. without causing any disturbance.


A Central Vacuum has 2 or 3 times more cleaning power than any conventional vacuum cleaner, enabling more thorough and quicker cleaning.


Save time and money by prolonging the life of the floor and the furniture by avoiding the classic bumps and friction caused by conventional vacuuming techniques. At the same time you can increase cleaning power by having easier access to any corner of the house. A Central Vacuum is an economic investment whose value is consolidated by being increasingly used by real estate promoters as an excellent sale incentive.

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