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A Central Vacuum is designed to be installed in all kinds of buildings (houses, flats, office blocks, hotels, hospitals etc). You will be astounded at seeing how easy it is to clean the whole house with SACH. It can clean carpets, floors, parquet, curtains, stairs, furniture, walls, roofs and even car upholstery. A Central Vacuum can also be used in the garage or where DIY work is being carried out for cleaning up those broken bits of glass, sawdust, wood shavings etc.


A Central Vacuum is best installed during the construction of the building, preferably before the concrete floors are poured.

Central Vacuum Unit:

Located in the garage, utility room, kitchen etc

Central Vacuum Piping and accessories:

PVC 50mm. Special accessories to avoid problems with space in the floors and walls.

Central Vacuum Inlet Valves:

Located in walls at strategic locations in the home. Available in many styles and colours to match your electric sockets.

Central Collection Receptacle (VACPAN):

Located in the kitchen furniture skirting board, all you have to do is sweep up the dirt, operate with your foot and the VACPAN starts taking all the dirt to the Central Vacuum Unit.

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