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SACH presents a wide range of innovative central vacuum units, capable of meeting the highest demands in power, reliability, versatility and comfort required by the end user for any type of installation, regardless of its size. Our central units include innovative soft start motor engines, electronic panels for control unit maintenance cycles, state-of-the-art filtering systems and. Moreover, extremely low-noise levels. There is a SACH central vacuum unit suitable for every project, with units available in 1.6kw, 1.8kw and 2.4kw versions.

SACH VAC - Dynamic and Digital

With Sach Vac a new dimension awaits you. Get ready to embark on a voyage of discovery!

This range of central units has been devised to satisfy the highest requirements in quality, power and versatility. Its exceptionally high output provides great efficiency in any type of domestic installation. The filtering system in these units is the highest-performing of all Central Units in the sector (99.97%) having a triple filtration system - Cyclonic, Anti-bacterial, and Large surface HEPA Cartridge filter. Constructed in phonoabsorbent material, the units in the Dynamic range can be distinguished by their innovative aesthetics and excellent finish that, together with their magnificent features, makes them an avant-garde product within the central vacuum cleaning sector.

There are three different Dynamic sizes available in either LED or LCD version just to provide a perfect service to any kind of building.

The studied structural design of the units in the Dynamic range has other types of advantages on an ergonomic level and ease of use. Our Dynamic units are reversible, which means that when installing the central unit it is possible to change the location of the inlet nozzles and air outlets to the opposite side of the unit, thus avoiding any connection problem of the central unit to the central vacuum piping network in the building.

It is very easy to use and empty the receptacle thanks to the innovative "Clamp-Handle" double fastening system. These components fulfill a double function, fastening the lower receptacle to the main unit body and acting as handles for the transport of the lower receptacle when disposing of its contents.


A small robust central vacuum unit with an outstanding technical reputation in the market. Because of its compact size dust is collected in a disposable bag, the second stage of the unit’s filtration system being represented by a fibre filter protecting the motor. You have the option of locating the air intake on either side of the unit for easier installation of the appliance in a cupboard in the kitchen, the office or utility room. Its hermetic design and low noise level are two of the main advantages of this model. Itīs easily maintained by removing the disposable filter bag which is conveniently accessed via the magnetic front panel, meaning that the user never comes into contact with the vacuumed dust. Itīs extremely easy to handle too. In use, its powerful motor ensures maximum effectiveness for this hard-wearing central vacuum unit.

The range comprises two models according to which accessory kit is selected: New Concept & Basic Kit and New Concept & Low-Voltage Kit, the latter providing the facility to switch the system on and off from the hose handle.
Maximum surface area : 250m2
Number of inlet valves: 4

Control Panel:

Optionally the Dynamic units allow the installation of an external control panel that permits the supervision of the maintenance cycles and the correct running of the units from your own kitchen, without needing to come into contact with the central vacuum unit.

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