Central vacuum ireland

Agent and Main Distributor of SACH Central Vacuum Systems, Gerry Rowley, Knockloughlin, Co Longford.

How it works

Central Vacuum Ireland provides you with a Sach central vacuum system that includes inlet valves strategically located throughout the house, connected by a network of ducting to the central vacuum unit. You simply need to connect the vacuum hose to an inlet valve to begin vacuuming your home quickly, effectively and with a minimum of effort.

We offer you one of the most comprehensive ranges of central vacuum units for domestic and commercial applications so you can select the most appropriate system for your home or business premises, no matter what dimensions or particular characteristics the building might have.

Full installation

Central Vacuum Ireland offers a full installation service for your new home or office. Simply email us your floor plans for a full no obligation estimate.
We will provide a full schematic of layout including full colour brochure for the Central Vacuum System installation in your new build.